Established in 1996 in a small town in Poland, Re-Bud Steel Buildings have grown into a well-respected international company, spanning six countries. The core of our business comprises of the manufacturing and assembly of steel buildings, state of the art roof systems and wall cladding.

We offer an unparalleled service from start to finish, supplying steel framed and PIR/PUR panelled buildings for both self-assembly and construction.

With hundreds of satisfied customers across Germany, Poland, Austria and Norway to name a few, our positive references and the number of our satisfied customers is an accolade the quality of our services.

what we do

We design, produce and assemble modern steel buildings that don’t just rely on the outdated corrugated steel cladding that is both uneconomical and unsightly, but instead focus on what is possible using todays thermo and structural technologies. So far, we have made hundreds of structures that met our client’s requirements exactly.

Safety is very important to us here at Re-Bud and every welded element is overseen by our quality control department and meets European CE demands. Whether you are wanting a building for logistical management, industrial, agricultural or even for home use, we can help.

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